September 17, 2014

Wake up and smell that coffee

It's Spring! The blossom has started to fill our worlds with the sweet scent of sunshine, colour is emerging en mass in the form of yellow bulbs pushing up through the ground post winter hiatus, and the jandals are tentatively inching their way from the back of the wardrobe towards the front door. 

I actually (willingly) wore a tee shirt yesterday whilst planting the first of my Spring seedlings, an uplifting sign that the sizeable, blazing ball in the sky is slowly sending more warming rays our way, and that the haze of scarves and boots will soon be behind us. 

Back to the coffee.

It's not a drink that I indulge in myself, though I do adore the smell wafting through the house, especially when it's accompanied by the equally divine scents of bread baking in the oven. It's Sunday all over. And I love Sundays.

Luckily for me though, my husband does drink coffee, so fresh grounds are never further than my kitchen. 

I've decided this week to pull my winter skin out of hibernation, in readiness to face the world in a pair of much anticipated shorts. Wish me luck!

Today, I share with you a very simple, superbly delicious recipe for an Organic Coffee Face and Body Scrub.

Photo credits: Malia Cardwell (of MumMa fame)

You will need -
Used Coffee Grounds (I used organic, only as it is what I have available at home, please substitute for your own grounds, whatever they may be!)
Virgin Coconut Oil (Again, I used organic, I have a giant 2 litre tub which affords me the luxury of beautiful recipes like this)
  1. I mix them at a ratio of two parts coffee ground to one part coconut oil.
  2. Pop in a jar and store out of direct sunlight.
  3. Use as you would a body or face scrub in the bath or shower. Benefits of using in the bath are an incredibly rich water after the coconut oil has nourished it.

Both coffee and coconut oil have amazing benefits for the skin, but if you need proof, try this little number, I promise you there will be not an ounce of disappointment...

Happy Sunshine x Kirstee

You can discover more of Kirstee and her upcycling ethos on Facebook, and also shop the Hibiscus range on Felt

September 14, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming (slowly, I promise - we're not ready for the countdown just yet) and with it our first ever Christmas Gift Guide! And we are super duper excited to provide yet another avenue to showcase all the fabulous talent on offer right here in New Zealand. 

But we need your help in ensuring it is a well rounded representation of what New Zealand has on offer to fill you Christmas stockings. Over the coming month(s) in the lead up to its release we'll be asking for your help in filling the content and the genres that we are searching for to fill the pages.

So we thought we'd share some guidelines on how to supply your content to provide the best opportunity for it to appear in the publication. 

* All pieces represented must be 'Made in New Zealand'. 
* Email content to:
* Ensure you identify which theme you are supplying for and which brand you are representing in the subject line. Eg 'Traditional Christmas - Brand: Hazel Loves Design' if you are supplying for the traditional pages.
* Send high resolution images - the highest resolution possible is best (if unsure, basically direct from the camera, not downloaded off Facebook etc as social media sites deteriorate the photos when they upload them).
* Within your email identify which online store, website or Facebook page you would like to have the image link back to.
* Images with white backgrounds are our favourites - it makes it easier to 'clear cut' the images - try shooting product shots on white foam board to achieve this look. 
* You can send through product shots from absolutely ANY brand (it doesn't have to be your own), provided it meets all of the above criteria.

Interested in advertising in the gift guide? Advertising is available in half page sizes ($50 p/advertisement) and full page sizes ($100 p/advertisement). Advertisements can be traditional in format and/or 'advertorials' stylised shots referencing your work. For more information on making this work for your business please email:

Interested in contributing content to the gift guide? As always we anticipate including some content related to the indie-design world here in New Zealand - if you have a DIY, an interview, a feature which you believe should be included forward your proposal to:

All images and a whole lot more Christmas inspiration sourced from our 'Party | Christmas' Pinterest board

September 13, 2014

Heroes wanted

Have you heard of Hazed? We founded the publication back in 2012 and although it initially started life as an online magazine, after a successful crowd funding campaign last year we sent the magazine to print. It has been an absolutely amazing journey and we are beyond grateful of the opportunities that have presented themselves as a result. But... 

The publication is getting a bit big for it's boots and we are now seeking out interested parties to help grow it into a magazine which truly honours and represents New Zealand's hidden talent in a way this community deserves.

If you are interested in coming on board, either in one of the ways mentioned below or another way that you believe will be helpful with the growth and development of Hazed please email: - the majority of our team work on this project 'for love' and these roles may serve as a doorway to your future and/or offer a good compliment whilst working from home or spending time with your family. 

Dancing distributor - we are looking for a team to take on the distribution side of Hazed, seeking out new retailers to stock Hazed up and down the country side and online. From time to time your assistance may be required at craft shows and trade fairs. Dancing whilst encouraged will not be a compulsory aspect of this role. 

We anticipate that this role will be a paid role with rates negotiated with interested parties dependant on experience, but will be sales/commission based. 

Sponsor Sensei - we are looking for someone to look after our sponsors and advertisers, the role will include fostering relationships with new sponsors including corporate sponsorships/advertisers, managing sponsor accounts and communicating with sponsors surrounding their advertisements, to ensure all advertisements are prepared before deadline. Our sponsors advertise in Hazed, on our blog and on our Facebook page - our sensei will help to broaden and develop our relationships with our sponsors. 

We anticipate that this role will be a paid role with rates negotiated with interested parties dependant on experience, but will be sales/commission based.

Competition Curator - our winter edition of Hazed saw the start of 'The Great Treasure Hunt' giveaway, we are looking for a curator to help seek out competition sponsors, establish the giveaway online and promote the giveaway on our social media channels. We hope to bring this competition alive with each edition of Hazed including our 'gift guides' and markets. Potentially as frequently as once per month. This is all about providing small designers an opportunity to work together to promote their businesses in a collective way. 

Graphics Guru - are you a graphic design student? Could you be interested in assisting and developing with the formatting and development of our magazine and gift guides? This could be a great way to develop and grow your portfolio.

Photographic Princess (or Prince) - we are looking for registrations of interest from freelance photographers in regions throughout New Zealand who are available for onsite photographic work, visiting designers in their studios, stores up and down the countryside and other events when required.  

Clever Contributors - we are always looking for contributors interested in writing a column or piece for Hazed magazine and/or our blog. 

Market Mavens - interested in helping to bring a local market to life? We are looking to potentially re-launch a version of Craft Love Festival in 2015 feel free to register your interest now to become a part of the committee making this happen. 

Website Wonder Woman (or man) - we are looking for quotes in the re-modelling and development of our website. You'll have to contact us to get all the scoop on what we are striving towards. 

Are you interested in joining the team? We'd surely love to have you onboard and helping to grow Hazed into the community project it is destined to be. Just to give you a little bit of a 'heads up' about where we are heading... Hazed magazine is released once a season in line with the beginning of the new season, this will continue to happen going forward into the future. 

Before the year is out we anticipate launching the first of a regular series of gift guides showcasing the very best of New Zealand's hand made released every three/four months in line with important seasonal events. 

Come 2015 Hazed will once again be involved with a regular craft event and will begin a monthly 'Craft Lab' project initial Christchurch based. We have plans to tour New Zealand teaching indie creatives about ways to grow and develop their businesses. 

Also in 2015 we anticipate a re-work of our website allowing an interactive shopping platform and many other interactive elements to help grow the Hazed community in a way which will truly represent and support New Zealand's hidden talent. 

September 07, 2014

Millions of buttons...

Movin' to the new store I'm gonna need a lot of buttons, Movin' to the new store I'm gonna need a lot of buttons. I'm movin to the new store gonna need a lot of buttons, Movin' to the new store gonna need a lot of buttons...

As you may have heard we are currently renovating a new store to move 'Pay It Forward' into a we couldn't be more excited! As part of the 'MOVE THE STORE' project we need literally MILLIONS of buttons for a new display, so we are calling on all of our lovers, friends, handsome bachelors, family members, neighbours, associates and even pets to support us in rounding up buttons! 

Think you could help? Dispose of your stash at 45 Nancy Ave, the current store - and come back and check out the project once it is complete and 49 Nancy Ave in a month or so's time! Alternatively you can also post to this address!  

Where was I? Oh yeah...

Millions of buttons, buttons for me. Millions of buttons, buttons for (almost) free. Millions of buttons, buttons for me. Millions of buttons, buttons for (almost) free...

Thank you in advance for your support in this project!! We can't to wait to show you what we have planned for all of your buttons! x

Image source.

September 02, 2014

Pay it forward - Vintage Mosaics

Hi I'm Amber from Vintage Mosaics. I have been dabbling in the vast expanse of mosaic art for fifteen years now, and have worked with every different type of mixed media available and have fallen in love with china. I work the direct mosaic method and I have a collection of vintage china mirrors available. 

After the earthquakes I was able to offer an alternative to throwing away the broken bits - offering to make something from them. This is how my workshops were born. 

For the month of September purchase any workshop and bring a friend for free as part of the 'Pay It Forward' designer of the month promotion.

You are actively involved with Pay It Forward, what do you enjoy most about being involved with this project? I have been a part of Pay It Forward for six months, I have met some really lovely creative people and I enjoy being part of this project evolving into something amazing for our community.  It isn't until you immerse yourself into something like this that you realise how many truly talented people there are.

What does an average day look like to you? My average day begins early with the school run, then back home to tie up any lose ends so I can start with a blank slate.

If I have orders I will always be working on these but any new designs are always ticking away as I work. I don't pre-draw or anything, the work just flows and develops as I go and sometimes the end result can be totally different to when you started.  

What does your creative look like? Do you keep sketch/recipe books? Have an online journal? I keep a photo record of pieces I have made in case a customer has seen a particular piece and wants it matched as close as possible. Other than the co-op I sell on-line and have pieces for sale in cafes & galleries in Central Otago where I come from.

My workshops are held at home usually during the day but generally worked around the student, the best part seems to be the smashing of china, they love it!

I enjoy passing on my knowledge and watching the students create their own masterpiece and everyone's personality comes out in their work, then they go home and they have the mosaic bug, it's great to see.

My goal is to continue to teach  & grow my workshops so others can create, it's a lot of fun and I am meeting some very interesting people along the way.  Christchurch has a very intertwined artistic community, and with our city becoming a very unique landscape this community has a great launch pad.

August 25, 2014

KIWI TUNES - Thomston

"Dysfunctional in every way/we drive all night, and sleep all day" - as Thomston says 'a doomed group of misfit friends questioning why they have ended up together.'

Loving this tune! It may just be this moment in my life that I'm living, but it resonates with me. It also has me dreaming of long, long nights followed by long days in the Summer sun... 

Thomston, an Auckland based musical magician, I'm sure we will be hearing more of this musical litany beating from our radios in the not too distant future. 

P.S. If you liked this tune you may also like 'School Night' - just saying x

Images care of Thomston's Facebook page. 

August 23, 2014

Love and inspiration

From the land of the blogs I've discovered a few fabulous reads for you this week...

I recently read #Girlboss and absolutely LOVED it, it is one of the few non-fiction books I have read cover to cover in (almost) one sitting! Sophia shows you the journey Nasty Gal has taken to reach it's magnitude proportions. All the hard work that she put into her business and the pay off that it has had as a result. As a small business owner watching the growth and development of Hazed, it has provided some much needed enthusiasm to just put in the work to 'make it happen'. 

I really enjoyed A Beautiful Mess's discussion on the topic, it is encouraging to know that the book had the same impact on other readers too! 

Likewise this post from Creative Women's Circle 'When is it giving up? And when is it finding your true north?' has had an impact on Hazel Loves Design, last year I put too many fingers into too many pies and as a result found that a couple of those fingers got burnt, and I got burnt too, as in burnt out. It meant I needed to walk away from some of those projects, and even some projects I really, truly enjoyed participating in. It was disappointing, it was hard, but guess what... I now have even MORE focus to pull off the things that I am really good at! So it was worth the sadness that let that happen. 

Vanessa from The Bubbalino Kitchen brings forth an interesting argument about the world of social media and the glorification that instagram brings to the seemingly perfect, it has been left in my thoughts for the balance of the week after reading them. BONUS of this post is the Ginger Roulade recipe she shares with us at the same time... YUMMO guys, YUMMO!!

Likewise Gala Darling shares an interesting thought on her post 'I woke up like this: On flawlessness and admitting the effort required', another interesting piece on the world we project. As gala says:  

"Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian spend the same amount of time in the make-up artist's chair, but only Black Lively acts as if she doesn't. The natural look is fine, but no one wakes up like that. It seems to me that women spend an inordinate amount of time trying to look "effortless": effortless appearance, effortless career, effortless relationship. 

Let's be straight-up: "effortless" is bullshit. Every woman I know is working herself to the bone..." 

I find Gala's posts the best to read for those 'self check' moments, those moments you need to have a look within yourself to comprehend the world outside yourself with fresh eyes.

And last but not least 'Weigh in: Are personal blogs and business blogs really that different?' by Problogger. For me, my blog attempts to follow a niche, that of 'Kiwi indie design', but it is also about the people who write the blog, our fabulous contributors and myself, so of course it tends to have an edge of fabulousness personal elements built into it as well. I hope that we at Hazel Loves Design are carving out a space where you all enjoy coming to visit from time time. 

So my lovelies, those were some of my favourites this week, obviously a whole lot of reading and not nearly enough visual inspiration, but that is the point, sometimes we need the fabulousness to be in our minds and not in our eyes for the growth and development of our worlds!