May 11, 2015

Pay It Forward

I became involved with Pay It Forward about three years ago - when it was little more than a couple of people with a dream and a vision for our local community. Last month the store relocated into it's new site and I thought I would (finally) share some of my thoughts on the project and how it all came to be. 

It has been quite a journey from those humble beginnings - I frightfully put my hand up to give a speech at the opening - and followed on from some mighty professional speakers. I thought I'd share some of my notes that I'd written to help with my speech - although with the bundle of nerves I was carrying on the night I'm sure it was no where near as eloquent as this!

The Pay It Forward space has exceeded the expectations of what we built in our dreams three years ago - not only have we created a beautiful place for our community to come visit, shop and learn from. 

We've also created a beautiful micro-community of designers full of inclusion - where we mentor and support one another through the growth and development of our indie businesses. 

It's a space we as designers can come to be acknowledged, inspired and embraced by fellow crafters. 

Pay It Forward is a truly unique shopping destination - where else in Christchurch can you say that those behind the concept literally put their heart and soul into getting in there. 

Where else in Christchurch can you say that the shop and display was created with heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears of the community? 

Where else in Christchurch can you announce that each of the pieces were hand crafted by people from our fine city - with heart and soul?

So local - that some pieces were made within a block of the store!?!

Pay It Forward is quite literally built from the creative heart of it's community. 

Ginny Larsen is the gorgeous soul who brought the store into fruition - a true visionary and supporter of our local community. I feel lucky to be embraced and supported by her in all that we choose to do.

To be honest, the cutting of the ribbon was the first time I got to visit the newly refurbished site - it was super exciting to see it for the first time and feel it pulsing with the energy and excitement of others enjoying it too. 

Thank you to Centuri Chan for the fabulous photos. 

You can find the store at 47 Nancy Avenue, Mairehau. 
Monday to Friday 10am till 4pm
Saturdays 11am to 3pm 

April 15, 2015

HIBISCUS - Tassel Garland Necklace

Tassels, surely the new black. They've somehow morphed forward from the humble curtain tie back, to being a trend sensation, seen on the end of phones, in garland form on walls, cushion covers and bed spreads... So I figured - a tassel garland necklace - why not?

  • Embroidery thread in chosen colours (one hank of thread will make approximately four tassels).
  • Scissors.
  • Fork.
  • Pliers.
  • Jump Rings. 
  • Necklace
(I purchased my necklace and jump rings from my local bead shop, but using an existing necklace you might own, and purchasing the match jump rings is also a fab idea). 

To make:

1. Using your fork, wrap the embroidery thread around it about thirty times. You could wrap more for a fuller looking tassel, but I found thirty was pretty optimum for what I was after. 

2. Once the excess thread is cut off, use the same colour thread to tie around the top two fork prongs. Tie this really tight!

3. Pull the tassel off the fork and cut right along the bottom. Tidy up all loose thread and tah dah - one mini tassel! 

4. Repeat until you have the required amount of tassel's that you are wanting to place on your necklace. 

5. Lay your necklace out and choose your tassel spacings. I started at the mid point (opposite the closure mechanism), and went from there. 

6. Secure you tassels to your necklace with your jump rings. 

BOOM! One very fine, individual piece that is sure to have everybody talking...

You can discover more of Kirstee and her upcycling ethos on Facebook, and also shop the Hibiscus range on Felt. 

March 11, 2015


I never thought I'd use that for a title, I was a late bloomer on the YOLO front - for the longest time I wasn't aware, nor did I really care what the acronym was all about - but that my friends, along with many other things in my life has changed. 

And YOLO represents me... and where I'm headed, in my life. Right now.


So a lot of things have been going on in this neck of the woods... Pay It Forward is opening it's new store - I'll share lots of photos of the opening - and eek, maybe my speech after the event on Friday. Hazed in the Square is flourishing with a fabulous community of designers working towards the common goal of a successful inner city marketplace - again I can't wait to tell you more. 

And on a personal level, after twelve years - I've started dating again. Yes that's right - I one, Hazel Schreiner am now a 'single lady'. 

I'm not quite ready to share the story of what went down. It's kind of major. It's kind of emotional. And it's kind of not what you'd expect. 

We'd be kind of heading this way for the last six to twelve months, but it became solid and official just recently. It's kind of weird you know - you enter into any relationship with your best foot forward. You enter into a marriage with the understanding that this is the 'forever' you. You enter into the realm of parenthood with the understanding of a lifetime. 

But things change. Things happen. We grow. Life evolves.
So this where the YOLO comes in - I can do a lot of things - I can start a magazine and take it to print - I have been known to run successful craft markets - and I can take on a weekly market and scrub it and scrub it until it is shiny and bright - I can bank and lend my way to a successful finance career - and I'm a damn good Mum too - but when it comes to dating. Yip, I'm clueless. With out a clue. Not even a single clue. 

It's not like riding a bicycle ladies. You forget, you gosh darn go fall in love and forget. Last time I dated, I was 19, I was young, I was fabulous. I wasn't a workaholic single Mum. I guess I was in a 'YOLO' moment in my life and nothing was going to stop me and get in my way. It was easy then. 

I caught up with an old friend last weekend and she has challenged me to do three things this year - one of which is to go on at least one date by the end of the year. Challenge taken. 

I can do this, I can return to my 'YOLO' self! 

I set myself up for Tinder the other day - what was I thinking? People don't actually legitimately do Tinder do they? - I've had multiple 'matches' on the damn thing - admittedly most have been moron like - but I actually kind of 'dig' a guy. But even though that may be the case - I don't know to ask said guy out - I don't know how to get beyond 'small talk' and into the whole 'let's go out for coffee' thing... I just need to YOLO and ask the question. 

So whilst the tan line on my fingers is only slowly dissolving and the hurt is only slowly dissipating I'm getting on this YOLO bandwagon and I'm taking up that challenge - I've only got the next nine and a half months to make it happen!

How does this post relate back to 'craft' and 'made in New Zealand' - yeah, it doesn't really. But I'd like to challenge YOU to look at one thing that you are holding back on, one thing that you're not giving your full heart into and YOLO it. Take up this challenge and see how it changes for you! I'll keep you posted on my YOLO. 

SIDE NOTE: I'm not desperate and dateless. Just dateless. I am actually really, truly enjoying being me and just me. But I'd like to know that I can still 'do it', that it's not beyond me. Perhaps one day I will be ready to fall in love. Maybe, not just yet. 

February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day...

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, the day created to celebrate love... and you may or may not have found  your perfect gift for your loved ones. So here are a couple of crafty ideas to make it lovely...

Mostly importantly - LOVE THYSELF

Whatever you are doing this Valentine's Day, here's hoping it is filled to the brim with love and your loved ones. 

February 06, 2015

Love and inspiration

My 'Love and inspiration' posts are an insight to all that I've been discovering, or rediscovering in the world of blogging, from across the globe. And, hopefully each of these discoveries will help to inspire you in your creative journey, as well as me in mine! 

Emma from A Beautiful Mess has hit the nail on the head with her 'Five Secrets to Success', I love the concept of setting yourself lofty goals alongside the realistic ones. 2013 taught me, that sometimes if you dream big, it pays off and you achieve big as well! I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and this often kicks me in the butt, especially when working and re-working and re-re-working Hazed, in the end I have to walk away leaving some imperfections because the hours in the day have captured me again! 

Have you heard of Meet me at Mikes? Creator of several fantastic craft books, and an inspiration for bloggers like me! I've just signed on for 'Blog Yay', hoping to learn a little, and maybe even a lot, to make this space all the grander and more fun for you all to read and enjoy! x

February 04, 2015

Kmart Not so obsessed

I'm in a bit of a pickle, it's a debacle I swear... Okay so maybe a 'first world' debacle, but still a mindset I'm trying to overcome!

Here's what's troubling me... I'm not sure if I love the hype that Kmart is pulling at the moment. 

I have to admit in the beginning I was hooked line and sinker, traipsing to the mall to meander the Kmart aisles and to discover the newest 'must haves'. Despite #operationquitmalls still being active - a bit of a slap the wrist event, that happened on recurring occasions. 

Then when I wasn't at the mall I was devouring 'Rough Diamond' to see what other bargain hunters had discovered and what lucky treats their Kmarts had conjured up that mine wasn't so forthcoming with. 

But it all came to an end over a little black bedside table.

I'd seen said black bedside 'Rough Diamond' in mid-January an Auckland based store had them on sale and so I totted along to mine to see if they had any in stock. A very helpful staff member told me that whilst they had them in stock the stock was being kept aside for when the new catalogues were to be delivered early February.  Fair call. Wouldn't want any misleading advertising. I could live with that. 

So a very excited me waited with bated breath by my letterbox, virtually sleeping next to it, waiting for the catalogue to land. And the minute it did I again totted off to Kmart to be told - ah, no - there actually wasn't any in stock, the stock hadn't landed and wouldn't be landing until the following Monday.

My first - AH WAIT, WHAT!? Moment. Who needs truth serum?

So Monday comes along, and after a busy day at the nine till five I decided to ring first and see if they had arrived... only to be told they'd SOLD OUT! AH WAIT, WHAT!? The stock only landed that day (apparently) how did they sell out so fast?

Kmart, they're clever, they're really clever. How do you make yourself desirable? How do you make a bargain basement brand desirable? How do you pick a brand's reputation up off the floor?

We see it with the major fashion houses ALL the time. Produce a fabulous product - with the fashion houses it's usually a handbag - and give them to a covetable few... models, princesses, Kardashians. Then produce them in ridiculously limited numbers, forcing wait lists to occur and drip feed your audience. 

Which is exactly what Kmart is doing, and although you mightn't find what you came for, you're bound to walk out with at least a couple of things that you actually don't need. Further fuelling consumerism. 

So the penny dropped, and I've decided I don't like their tactics... they're Kmart not Prada! 

But there is the other side of it - the reason I loved this particular bedside is because it is a reproduction of a model created by Kartell one of the all time greats in future furniture design. 

What made this particular design so popular and allowed it to stand the test of time, is although it was mass-market it's price tag was such that it limited it to only a certain number of households. Those, with the disposable income to sustain such a price tag. We see them in designer homes, meaning in our own - instant swag.

But now that it is available to ALL household's no matter what their disposable income... will it still hold the test of time? Will it still be popular a decade from now? Will I still love it as much then as I would now? Chances are... No.

I like to be ahead of the game with my homewares choices, so why am I coveting a Kmart bargain? 

I've decide I'm throwing in the towel, I'm not playing the game. And I'm off to seek out something different, something to offer my home its' instant swag - with not a Kmart swing tag in sight. 

My last name should have been 'Jones' because you'll be racing to keep up with me! 

Ha... and I shall do it by continuing to abide by #operationquitmalls - which if it hadn't have been for Kmart, I've actually been doing an exceptional job with to date! 

What are your thoughts on Kmart?

January 28, 2015

When I grow up...

I want to be a stall holder at Hazed in the Square - that's what kids everywhere are going to be saying when our market becomes the place to be to be discovered as new talent, both in the design world, but also on our 'buskers pitch' in the middle of the market.

I know a lot of you are on Facebook, but I thought I'd share with you on here my plans for the market - because, I consistently do anyway, I drone on and on and on about how awesome it is, and it will be.

I've come to realise that I spend pretty much my weekend at the market, which is awesome and I'm not complaining. But I also realised that I should probably do more than just 'twiddle my thumbs' whilst I am there - not that I do anyways! I'm normally blogging and posting etc as well as catching up on my accounts *okay maybe not the last one... really need to get on top of that job!

So that is what I'm doing setting up a stall and taking stock on consignment - looking for both locally made (ideally from outside of Christchurch) and vintage items to be sold on consignment through the market stall. With the long term goal being to establish a boutique and/or pop up stores through out New Zealand in 2016.

Here are some pictures I'm using as a muse - I found them on Pinterest but naughtily didn't save the sources...

Essentially my muse is someone who loves BRIGHTS! Alex Fulton Designwould shop at this stall it will be THAT bright! 

I'm inspired by homewares (did you know I have a Diploma in Interior Design - I completed it a little over a year ago) so the majority of the stock will be for the home, but light enough for the tourist to take with them. 

The stock will be a well curated blend of kiwi made, imported designer and vintage. 

If you're interested I'm keen to collaborate with Kiwi designers - initially, because it is a bit of a whim, on consignment. Eventually wholesale rates. This would be best for designers outside of Canterbury.

The end game being in 2016 I'll be opening a couple of boutiques and/or pop ups throughout the country, and be taking the learnings from this stall into that project too.

What do you think? Are you keen to join the team? Email me -