January 28, 2015

When I grow up...

I want to be a stall holder at Hazed in the Square - that's what kids everywhere are going to be saying when our market becomes the place to be to be discovered as new talent, both in the design world, but also on our 'buskers pitch' in the middle of the market.

I know a lot of you are on Facebook, but I thought I'd share with you on here my plans for the market - because, I consistently do anyway, I drone on and on and on about how awesome it is, and it will be.

I've come to realise that I spend pretty much my weekend at the market, which is awesome and I'm not complaining. But I also realised that I should probably do more than just 'twiddle my thumbs' whilst I am there - not that I do anyways! I'm normally blogging and posting etc as well as catching up on my accounts *okay maybe not the last one... really need to get on top of that job!

So that is what I'm doing setting up a stall and taking stock on consignment - looking for both locally made (ideally from outside of Christchurch) and vintage items to be sold on consignment through the market stall. With the long term goal being to establish a boutique and/or pop up stores through out New Zealand in 2016.

Here are some pictures I'm using as a muse - I found them on Pinterest but naughtily didn't save the sources...

Essentially my muse is someone who loves BRIGHTS! Alex Fulton Designwould shop at this stall it will be THAT bright! 

I'm inspired by homewares (did you know I have a Diploma in Interior Design - I completed it a little over a year ago) so the majority of the stock will be for the home, but light enough for the tourist to take with them. 

The stock will be a well curated blend of kiwi made, imported designer and vintage. 

If you're interested I'm keen to collaborate with Kiwi designers - initially, because it is a bit of a whim, on consignment. Eventually wholesale rates. This would be best for designers outside of Canterbury.

The end game being in 2016 I'll be opening a couple of boutiques and/or pop ups throughout the country, and be taking the learnings from this stall into that project too.

What do you think? Are you keen to join the team? Email me - hazel@hazellovesdesign.com

January 21, 2015

That moment

I've got an hour or so to kill before I head off to work, so I thought I'd sit down and read a magazine or two from the collection which has been building taller and covering itself in dust since the beginning of summer.

This isn't the norm for me. Normally I devour magazines the minute they touch my hands. 

But 'that moment' happened this morning, as I sat with my hot chocolate in one hand a magazine in the other, I realised that reading magazines has become a comparison game - comparing Hazed to these 'big boy' publications, comparing what they do really well and what they could improve on. 

Comparing what WE do really well and what WE could improve on.

I guess that's why I don't devour them so quickly anymore - because reading magazines makes me reach for my 'to do' list! 

I also had a slightly happier realisation this morning - my taste in magazines has evolved, the magazines I do enjoy now are full of really enriching and fantastic articles. 

I guess that's another reason why it takes a little longer to get through the pile! 

January 18, 2015

Hazed in the square - hits the weekdays

We've had more than a few requests to bring it to life during the week, and you know what... why not! We have the beautiful location, more beautiful than any other spot in Christchurch, we have tourists visiting seven days and we have our onsite managers Paulus and Lou and Escarto Espresso Bar seven days too! 

So we are running a bit of an experiment, if you'd like to come during the week... COME! We'd love to have you, we're being super casual about it - hence the title 'experiment'...

*No bookings - show up on the day, and register with Escarto Espresso Bar when you arrive. It may mean you're the only stall holder on the day, it may mean there are twenty of you. 
*No opening hours - just figure out what works for you, it might be 7am - 10pm or 10am - 2pm, we don't mind, work with the ebb and flow with the square  - it might differ when events are on, and when events aren't. 
*No designated spots - it's an experiment, we've got our section of the square we're allowed to be in, and we're happy for you to move around day by day and figure out what works, and what doesn't. 
*Tourist focus - with no local advertising surrounding the weekday markets bear in mind the traffic you are targeting is all tourist orientated, if you want help or guidance about what sort of products will work during the week, please ask! Our team is happy to help and mentor you into a space where your business and stall trades successfully at our market. 

And just like on the weekends, we are looking for stall holders who are locally made/produced or design, ethical or vintage. 

We're all about building a community marketplace with a sense of community in our marketeers too! We are loving the way the market is evolving, and continues to evolve. To the nay-sayers waiting for it to fail... you can continue to wait, because there is only one way we are headed and that is up! 

I'm proud of the work each and every stall holder produces, and it is important for the community to know that the 'heart' of Christchurch is having its vibrancy return with people who have their 'heart' in their work and their 'heart' in their community too. 

Look forward to seeing the vibrancy of the square continue to evolve. 

January 03, 2015

Hazed in the Square - The Vision

There is lots of uncertainty about the future of the Cathedral - Will it come down? Will it be repaired? What will it look like ten years from now?

The same can't be said of the Christchurch city. We know Christchurch city will be rebuilt, we know that the Christchurch of new will be a bustling metropolis. We know that the new Christchurch will be that of a multi-cultural background on the back of all the rebuild workers coming from overseas. 

What we also know is that the central city market - Hazed in the Square is going to be absolutely fantastic for years and years to come and that is all thanks to the fabulous stall holders helping us pave the way into Christchurch's future. 

We've been working on our footprint of what the market is going to look like, and I just wanted to share that with you. As you can see the stall holder numbers are limited - and this is intentional - we want the market to be well curated and rotational - we will be backing the businesses who support us from the beginning to make this market a bustling metropolis of indie design and community. 

Let us know what you think of the vision...

January 01, 2015


I was asked at the stroke of midnight last night what my resolutions were. I said 'I intend to start smoking in 2015'.... yup, not an honest answer - and not funny either! In reality 2014 was a super stressful year for me on a personal level and there have been times when I had considered smoking just to release some pent up frustration - it works for others, surely it could work for me. But luckily I found other much more mature means of releasing my frustrations!!

When I initially sat down to write this post on New Years' Eve I had quite a romantic notion as to what my New Years' resolutions would look like - eat more real food, buy good books and make time to read them, hug the ones I love etc. etc. 

But I had an epiphany this morning - I'd popped into Northlands Mall to use my $25 Typo voucher (a birthday gift), I left the mall having spent a further $250. No biggie, except I'd done the same yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that and each time, what had I purchased? Each time I purchased things I hadn't known I'd 'needed' or 'wanted' before I'd entered the mall!

On the return home from the mall, and revisiting my goals that I had started formulating for 2015 I realised I had a pretty obvious situation - I need to quit shopping! I need to stop hitting the malls when I'm 'bored' and find more mature ways of 'filling time'. 

And so, I get to the punch line... my new years resolution for 2015 is...


2015 is the year I avoid the malls, where I do my shopping online, via markets (makes sense now that The Hazed Collective are running the best one in Christchurch) and through the local retailers and boutiques. 

I'll be honest, it doesn't sound easy, in fact it seems near on impossible to me! I love my malls, I love my time spent meandering the stores - but my budget doesn't love it! And it goes against the grain of all of the philosophies I whole heartedly believe in and support through my work with The Hazed Collective. 

I'm scared - and I'm worried I won't be able to see out the week, nor the month and definitely not the year. So, stay tuned - I'm hoping by posting this on such a public forum it will make my chances of meeting this resolution that much stronger! Also keen to hear your thoughts on #operationquitmalls any guidance and support would be appreciated.

My Mother reminded me that I haven't posted my goals for 2015 as yet, and truth be told I haven't sat down and worked through them just yet - normally I have this well and truly done by December! 

I'm not a 'resolutions' person, more a 'make goals' and see how many I can 'tick' off person, so here are my goals (both personal and business) for 2015 and I'm all about 'keeping it honest' to keep me honest with my resolution...
  1. Pay off that darn store card.
  2. Pay off that darn 'bill'. 
  3. Pay off that darn personal loan. Pretty boring trend so far - but I'm 'keeping it real' - also by focussing on these first three I'll also be able to hit the resolution above focussing on quality not quantity and purging the unnecessary, and simply avoiding the malls like the plague!
  4. Save the deposit for my first home purchase - with the intention of purchasing said home by December 2015. 
  5. Find a distributor for Hazed magazine. 
  6. Find someone to assist with the 'sponsorship' side of things for Hazed magazine. 
Okay, so my goals are still a work in progress - stay tuned! 

December 30, 2014

Hazed in the Square - January

Thank you for your support to date with 'Hazed in the Square' - when I started this journey a dear friend said to me, "A diamond is but a rock which did well under pressure", well the pressure has definitely been on with this market and to date we have a couple of days where that diamond has started peaking through to show us its sparkle. 

I've recently learnt that historically these next few months January, February and March were the Cathedral Square Markets strongest - so here's hoping that we see even more glitter in the months to come. 

We are looking to 'beef up' our stall holder numbers for January and wondered WHAT DATES ARE YOU AVAILABLE?

Specific dates and events to consider:

Saturday January 3rd - Cruise ship in port at Akaroa
Sunday January 4th

Saturday January 10th - Cruise ship in port at Akaroa
Sunday January 11th 

Saturday January 17th - Buskers Festival
Sunday January 18th - Cruise ship in port at Akaroa + Buskers Festival

Saturday January 24th - Buskers Festival
Sunday January 25th - Cruise ship in port at Akaroa + Buskers Festival

Saturday January 31st

December 07, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide

For the first time ever The Hazed Collective are bringing you their Christmas Gift Guide - dedicated to showing off New Zealand's finest indie designers, and helping you to stock your Christmas Tree with all things local!

Grab a cuppa - or a glass of wine and set down for a read and an oogle! You'll be able to find it here on issuu.