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Looking for this one mall for stimulus ideas and creativity from the crafts’ simplest to the dream league’s actual reality building?

Well, Hazel Loves Designs is the place of your dreams.

With a whole range of inspirational ideas and ideal creativity that feature the actual implementation to reality, you are well to start your journey to realization. Hazel Loves Design has an open-ended field that posits the uncovering and exposing the potentials in the young and elderly.

This informative site opens the flood gates to sharing of information on various life lessons and development from the most miniature to the mountainous innovative ideas that can start you off to achieving your dream goals.

Most of which are actual ongoing facts formerly ideas but then been put to reality.

Personal life shared ideas that have worked for some people in the business and personal lives for instance

Kiwi Tunes elevates artistic discoveries in society, inspiring even the young coming to the limelight because of unleashing their music potential to illuminate the world.

Odi Boutique Jewelry, initially from a humble beginning of selling her entrepreneurial work, had skills on jewelry designs at Otago University at the junior age of eight to a now booming business in contemporary jewelry handmade, authentic versatile like necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, and the like.


Advocacy and awareness on matters affecting the society’s sociality and the community social places like markets on stall positioning regarding the kind of business you are dealing in for successful sales. Education enhances productivity.

Self-assessment and meditation guidance enables you to realize your current status and evaluate it to know how to improve and develop yourself for the better version of yourself.

You are setting future long-term goals and short-term goals with a well-planned scheme to maneuver through the challenges to achieve the target you set in the eyes. With the aid of role models, you look up to combining a little research on the very subject of interest on how to get to the finish line.


Pouring your heart on more pressing matters of yourself and what exactly is occurring around you or with you, whatever happened to you and left a scar in your heart. It could be relationships or other social affairs that could be troubling your heart. Sharing such close matters exhilarates you from self-jail to a free and liberal individual to open up to more facts and ideas.


5 Home Renovations That Can Affect Your Home Insurance

Whether you want to customize your house, prepare to sell your home, or do a significant fix, renovating your home can be exciting, and it’s a great way to increase your home’s value. But before starting your project, it is essential to consider more than just the...


I never thought I'd use that for a title, I was a late bloomer on the YOLO front - for the longest time I wasn't aware, nor did I really care what the acronym was all about - but that my friends, along with many other things in my life has changed. And YOLO represents...


I want to be a stall holder at Hazed in the Square - that's what kids everywhere are going to be saying when our market becomes the place to be to be discovered as new talent, both in the design world, but also on our 'buskers pitch' in the middle of the market. I...


I've got an hour or so to kill before I head off to work, so I thought I'd sit down and read a magazine or two from the collection which has been building taller and covering itself in dust since the beginning of summer. This isn't the norm for me. Normally I devour...


Audie Wilkinson - her name is derived from the latin verb, to hear - a self made, self taught Dunedin jewellery designer who has recently moved and now lives with her family in Greytown, Wellington. Audie has combined an entrepreneurial spirit with creativity since...


LIGHTING CAN PLAY A HUGE PART IN THE OVERALL FEEL OF AN EVENT, IT HELPS TO CREATE A MOOD AND AMBIENCE. Candles down the side of a walkway or stairs screams elegance, if its for a weekend BBQ or formal wedding Fairy light curtains make an amazing photo...

Industrial Home Decor On a Budget

There is a world of difference between a shabby home and a home that has a rough, worn-down look to it on purpose. The first is obviously the result of neglect, while the second is proof of great care, attention to detail and good taste. Many home-owners find the...

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