Audie Wilkinson – her name is derived from the latin verb, to hear – a self made, self taught Dunedin jewellery designer who has recently moved and now lives with her family in Greytown, Wellington.
Audie has combined an entrepreneurial spirit with creativity since she first sold her jewellery designs at an Otago University student market day. She wasn’t, however selling fashion accessories to her peers; she was eight years old. She now sells jewellery from Wellington to New York and everywhere in between.
The Odi range of contemporary jewellery encompasses the visual, the tactile and the iconic. Handmade, authentic and versatile, they can be worn equally well with young high street fashion as with classic timeless styling.
Audie’s range of jewellery includes necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and hair accessories. Each item finely Handcrafted by Audie herself and made contemporary by a range of subtle vintage-feel colours, and variation in tactility of material.

Right now I am… working on a piece that has been in my collection for a while now and is really popular, I’m working on creating a higher end version by changing and upgrading all the materials I use to make it.
Clicking on… Pinterest OMG eye and mind candy! I’m one of those people that needs fed with information all the time in the form of visual content and Pinterest does just that. I’m serious when I say I’ll sit on the computer emailing or whatever I’m doing and ill also have the television on and YouTube up as well, I know crazy! I’m a bit of a dreamer I live in my own little world. but besides getting lost in beautiful photos of exotic places Pinterest is also great for finding supplies and getting inspiration.
Thinking about… ways to grow my business and what my next move is, I already sell online to many countries including USA, Canada, Australia and Spain but I’d really love to have stockists internationally as well. I’d also love to head over to Australia to a large fair I think it would be a great start for exposure
listening to… Lana del ray, I think she’s amazing, and I can really relate to her way of thinking, music for me is important – it has the ability to change your mood or the way you think! I quite often listen to music when I’m working, I find it helps me get into what I’m doing with out interruption. I like a wide range of music you couldn’t put a stereo type to what i listen to.
Saving for… hmmm I don’t know, the future, what ever happens to pop up I’ll be sure to have savings aside so when the time comes I can do it. I feel some kind of travel maybe on the cards, either national or international to get my brand more exposure.
Obsessed with… Gemstones, I like the ones that you set that are faceted with a point back and also cabochon form, I have plans to bring them into some new work, my focus with gemstones is shape and colour to achieve a certain look Im going for. I always go for something different and unique
Reading… Well, yeah not the reading type but I will read some things like a blog post that a designer Ii follow has written that’s of interest to me, I’m a shocker I quite often loose interest half way down the page and give up really not a reader.
Doing… More physical activities lately, I’ve never really been a fitness type of person, but lately I’ve realised I need to in order to look after myself, especially my arms and also found it to be a good motivator, sometimes you need this when you are self employed and work from home.
We live on an orchard, it has big tree lines of poplars and out the back is lovely and peaceful there are lots of birds and rabbits, its nice to take a bit of time out and go for a walk, I take our dog ”Barbs Girl” with me, she spent her life on the high country in Wanaka before coming to live with us. She was part of our rather large team of dogs while we we living on a farm in Wanaka, she’s now a retired family pet.
Excited about… Odi jewellery constantly growing, it been eleven years since I first came up with the printed leather earring, I look back and see how much I have evolved and grown and how many thousands of pieces I have made, it’s a really nice feeling knowing that people are wearing your designs.
Lately, now that we are living in wellington i have had the opportunity to get out and do a few markets, and being approached and getting to meet people that have been following me and already have odi pieces is such a great and rewarding thing.