I’ve got an hour or so to kill before I head off to work, so I thought I’d sit down and read a magazine or two from the collection which has been building taller and covering itself in dust since the beginning of summer.

This isn’t the norm for me. Normally I devour magazines the minute they touch my hands.
But ‘that moment’ happened this morning, as I sat with my hot chocolate in one hand a magazine in the other, I realised that reading magazines has become a comparison game – comparing Hazed to these ‘big boy’ publications, comparing what they do really well and what they could improve on.
Comparing what WE do really well and what WE could improve on.
I guess that’s why I don’t devour them so quickly anymore – because reading magazines makes me reach for my ‘to do’ list!
I also had a slightly happier realisation this morning – my taste in magazines has evolved, the magazines I do enjoy now are full of really enriching and fantastic articles.
I guess that’s another reason why it takes a little longer to get through the pile!