I want to be a stall holder at Hazed in the Square – that’s what kids everywhere are going to be saying when our market becomes the place to be to be discovered as new talent, both in the design world, but also on our ‘buskers pitch’ in the middle of the market.

I know a lot of you are on Facebook, but I thought I’d share with you on here my plans for the market – because, I consistently do anyway, I drone on and on and on about how awesome it is, and it will be.

I’ve come to realise that I spend pretty much my weekend at the market, which is awesome and I’m not complaining. But I also realised that I should probably do more than just ‘twiddle my thumbs’ whilst I am there – not that I do anyways! I’m normally blogging and posting etc as well as catching up on my accounts *okay maybe not the last one… really need to get on top of that job!

So that is what I’m doing setting up a stall and taking stock on consignment – looking for both locally made (ideally from outside of Christchurch) and vintage items to be sold on consignment through the market stall. With the long term goal being to establish a boutique and/or pop up stores through out New Zealand in 2016.

Here are some pictures I’m using as a muse – I found them on Pinterest but naughtily didn’t save the sources…



Essentially my muse is someone who loves BRIGHTS! Alex Fulton Designwould shop at this stall it will be THAT bright!
I’m inspired by homewares (did you know I have a Diploma in Interior Design – I completed it a little over a year ago) so the majority of the stock will be for the home, but light enough for the tourist to take with them.
The stock will be a well curated blend of kiwi made, imported designer and vintage.
If you’re interested I’m keen to collaborate with Kiwi designers – initially, because it is a bit of a whim, on consignment. Eventually wholesale rates. This would be best for designers outside of Canterbury.
The end game being in 2016 I’ll be opening a couple of boutiques and/or pop ups throughout the country, and be taking the learnings from this stall into that project too.