We’ve had more than a few requests to bring it to life during the week, and you know what… why not! We have the beautiful location, more beautiful than any other spot in Christchurch, we have tourists visiting seven days and we have our onsite managers Paulus and Lou and Escarto Espresso Bar seven days too!
So we are running a bit of an experiment, if you’d like to come during the week… COME! We’d love to have you, we’re being super casual about it – hence the title ‘experiment’…
*No bookingsshow up on the day, and register with Escarto Espresso Bar when you arrive. It may mean you’re the only stall holder on the day, it may mean there are twenty of you.
*No opening hours just figure out what works for you, it might be 7am – 10pm or 10am – 2pm, we don’t mind, work with the ebb and flow with the square ¬†– it might differ when events are on, and when events aren’t.
*No designated spots it’s an experiment, we’ve got our section of the square we’re allowed to be in, and we’re happy for you to move around day by day and figure out what works, and what doesn’t.
*Tourist focus – with no local advertising surrounding the weekday markets bear in mind the traffic you are targeting is all tourist orientated, if you want help or guidance about what sort of products will work during the week, please ask! Our team is happy to help and mentor you into a space where your business and stall trades successfully at our market.
And just like on the weekends, we are looking for stall holders who are locally made/produced or design, ethical or vintage.
We’re all about building a community marketplace with a sense of community in our marketeers too! We are loving the way the market is evolving, and continues to evolve. To the nay-sayers waiting for it to fail… you can continue to wait, because there is only one way we are headed and that is up!

I’m proud of the work each and every stall holder produces, and it is important for the community to know that the ‘heart’ of Christchurch is having its vibrancy return with people who have their ‘heart’ in their work and their ‘heart’ in their community too.