My ‘Love and inspiration’ posts are an insight to all that I’ve been discovering, or rediscovering in the world of blogging, from across the globe. And, hopefully each of these discoveries will help to inspire you in your creative journey, as well as me in mine!
Emma from A Beautiful Mess has hit the nail on the head with her ‘Five Secrets to Success’, I love the concept of setting yourself lofty goals alongside the realistic ones. 2013 taught me, that sometimes if you dream big, it pays off and you achieve big as well! I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and this often kicks me in the butt, especially when working and re-working and re-re-working Hazed, in the end I have to walk away leaving some imperfections because the hours in the day have captured me again!


Have you heard of Meet me at Mikes? Creator of several fantastic craft books, and an inspiration for bloggers like me! I’ve just signed on for ‘Blog Yay’, hoping to learn a little, and maybe even a lot, to make this space all the grander and more fun for you all to read and enjoy! x