A little birdy told me how much I should love ‘Kaye Bustin Studios’, and boy was she right! I can’t wait to visit next time I’m up in Kapiti visiting family.

I love the idea of doing one of their Clay Bunting Workshops.Kaye is an expert ceramic’s artist, and has been practising the craft for many years now! 

I’m sure we all could learn something from her.

Or maybe I could try my hand at screen printing? 

I’ve actually been wanting to try this for AGES!!

The studio is based in Waikanae, and the workshops help the learner through to the more advanced. Including workshops for children… now that would be a cool birthday party idea! I sincerely can’t wait to pop by next time I’m visiting Dad! And I may have to book my Mum in for a class for Mother’s Day – now there’s an idea! 
Eek… do you think Mum will read this? I may have to go ahead with that now!