July 04, 2012

SMEG lust

Have you ever lusted over a fridge? Really, never? Really?

You obviously have never stumbled upon SMEG!

Now tell me again, that you have never lusted over a fridge....

Images from weheartit.com because I am so over Pinterest!


tartankiwi said...

Oooooh yes!!! I have lusted after a smeg fridge for many years. I tried my best to persuade my husband that one would be perfect in our old house. Unfortunately he didn't agree (or he did till he saw the price tag).
Until I'm rich and famous I'll just have to settle for a smeg fridge in my dreams... sob sob...

Britney said...

Oh my!! I am dying! Smegs make any kitchen complete! I want I want!! They are so cute and amazing rolled into one awesome cold refrigerated fridge!!!
-Britney of Lemonwood and Honey