I was asked at the stroke of midnight last night what my resolutions were. I said ‘I intend to start smoking in 2015’…. yup, not an honest answer – and not funny either! In reality 2014 was a super stressful year for me on a personal level and there have been times when I had considered smoking just to release some pent up frustration – it works for others, surely it could work for me. But luckily I found other much more mature means of releasing my frustrations!!

When I initially sat down to write this post on New Years’ Eve I had quite a romantic notion as to what my New Years’ resolutions would look like – eat more real food, buy good books and make time to read them, hug the ones I love etc

But I had an epiphany this morning – I’d popped into Northlands Mall to use my $25 Typo voucher (a birthday gift), I left the mall having spent a further $250. No biggie, except I’d done the same yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that and each time, what had I purchased? Each time I purchased things I hadn’t known I’d ‘needed’ or ‘wanted’ before I’d entered the mall!
On the return home from the mall, and revisiting my goals that I had started formulating for 2015 I realised I had a pretty obvious situation – I need to quit shopping! I need to stop hitting the malls when I’m ‘bored’ and find more mature ways of ‘filling time’.
And so, I get to the punch line… my new years resolution for 2015 is…
2015 is the year I avoid the malls, where I do my shopping online, via markets (makes sense now that The Hazed Collective are running the best one in Christchurch) and through the local retailers and boutiques.
I’ll be honest, it doesn’t sound easy, in fact it seems near on impossible to me! I love my malls, I love my time spent meandering the stores – but my budget doesn’t love it! And it goes against the grain of all of the philosophies I whole heartedly believe in and support through my work with The Hazed Collective.
I’m scared – and I’m worried I won’t be able to see out the week, nor the month and definitely not the year. So, stay tuned – I’m hoping by posting this on such a public forum it will make my chances of meeting this resolution that much stronger! Also keen to hear your thoughts on #operationquitmalls any guidance and support would be appreciated.

My Mother reminded me that I haven’t posted my goals for 2015 as yet, and truth be told I haven’t sat down and worked through them just yet – normally I have this well and truly done by December!

I’m not a ‘resolutions’ person, more a ‘make goals’ and see how many I can ‘tick’ off person, so here are my goals (both personal and business) for 2015 and I’m all about ‘keeping it honest’ to keep me honest with my resolution…
  1. Pay off that darn store card.
  2. Pay off that darn ‘bill’.
  3. Pay off that darn personal loan. Pretty boring trend so far – but I’m ‘keeping it real’ – also by focussing on these first three I’ll also be able to hit the resolution above focussing on quality not quantity and purging the unnecessary, and simply avoiding the malls like the plague!
  4. Save the deposit for my first home purchase – with the intention of purchasing said home by December 2015.
  5. Find a distributor for Hazed magazine.
  6. Find someone to assist with the ‘sponsorship’ side of things for Hazed magazine.