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July 13, 2010

Help me save my Marc Jacobs!!

I need some help, I have a gorgeous Marc Jacobs' dress, it is mostly linen but it has a deep purple satin seam/panel in it. Stupid me decided to put it in the washing machine because I was too lazy to hand wash it! Yes that's me the stupid one sitting in the corner... so now the purple die has run onto the linen section of the dress.

How do I fix it? Should I risk taking it to a dry cleaners? Is there a magic potion which will fix it without ruining it further?? HELP!!!

I know a big 'Loser' sign is stamped on my forehead right now!! GAH!!

July 09, 2010

I'll tell you what I want... What I really really want...

I want a deer head for my wall.. not an actual deer... but maybe a ceramic one, painted white like this!
Or maybe a racehorse like this?
Or this?
What do you really want for your home??

June 10, 2010

How To Make Your Own Mood Board...

I loovvee Mood Boards or Inspiration Boards whatever you want to call them, I have two in my study... one is for me a sort of 'This is my life' the other is for design inspiration for when I am in the mood for making cushions etc...

I wrote the following down a few years back and it talks you through how to make your own Mood Board. It is what you need to do to create an Inspiration Board when updating/renovating a room. I'm not sure where I got it from though?

A mood board builds up the look to ensure your elements work together;
  1. Illustrate your starting point: attach swatches of your chosen colour, pattern, style, texture or whatever is inspiring you.
  2. Assemble Key Elements: Collect test pots of paint, fabric samples and pieces of furniture from magazines or catalogues. Use your camera to take photos when you go shopping. Make sure you have samples from all of your room's elements.
  3. Make swatches bigger or smaller according to how much space the element occupies in the room: Wallpaper should be bigger than accessories for example.
  4. Finishing Touches: Add ideas for accessories. Look at the board in the room you are decorating in different lights. Try other samples if necessary, until you are happy with the result.

Of course for me a Mood Board grows and evolves just as a room does. 

And I am constantly changing and updating it depending on my moods or to suit images I find when I am out shopping or images I find on the internet or in magazines.

At the moment I am channelling a lot of black & white a la Chanel, as well as lots of teal and brown for my latest lot of cushions I am creating!

The most important part about my Mood Boards are that they are all about me and what I inspire to be! Oprah has done a show about these boards and the power of visualisation!

June 06, 2010

Bargain Hunting at the Church Sale

This weekend, I had the whole weekend off! I normally work my Saturday at the furniture shop and then have Sunday & Monday off, so it was truly exciting to not work Saturday, so I decided to get up early and head out to check out the Garage Sales. So I left the house about 7.30am went out to grab the paper thinking that would be early enough! But it turns out most people start their sales at 6.30am!! So I'd missed out on most of the 'Early Bird Bargains'. However I did manage to go to a Church Sale where I found the following...
A gorgeous Hot Chocolate Mug, perfect for the winter months... and oh soo cute!
A set of five, Seafood Cocktail glasses, they came in their original box with little shrimp forks! Adorable, but I think I will use them for desserts at our next Dinner Party, I'm thinking mousse and strawberries or homemade gelato... mmm not very winter-like, but yummy!!
I am going to use this 'dish' for an antipasto platter, olives, sundried tomato, grilled eggplant... mmm yummy! I think/hope it will look stunning!

So the above three items came to $4.00!! I also purchased a bag of clothes for $5.00 and amongst them was a Versace Tshirt and a dress from an Indie Designer I love! Oh and an older version of scrabble, which I am going to turn into an artwork (I'm getting all excited now). The boardgame was only $1.00 and it is all in one piece!! So a very successful outing, just imagine what would have happened if I had of been up earlier. 

I also bought these from another second hand store, they were $6.50 so a little more expensive, I mostly bought them for the cake server, but they are kind of cute don't you think!! Although the photo isn't the greatest you can't see all of the detailing on the flat sections! 
Did anyone else find any bargains on the weekend???

May 08, 2010

Pictures speak a thousand words.

Looking for some inspiration for what to do with the lounge room walls, I am thinking of putting up a wall of picture frames, and these are some of the images that I have come across which I think a pretty darn cool!

I really want to have a frame like this but glossy white for the Wedding seating chart and a massive one to have at the entry with our names in it, but of course because I am on the lookout for one I have been unable to find them at any of the local secondhand stores!! Still five months to go, so won't give up hope just yet!

This one is my fiance at the art gallery last Saturday (he is more of a jock than an art fan so it is definitely a rarity to see him at a gallery).

April 12, 2010

Je ne sais quoi?

Because I work for a major Queensland furniture retailer I feel that my home looks a little bit like a showroom designed by my employer! I can not help myself but to buy furniture from work simply because it is so accessible but also because it is affordable for me. However lately I've been finding the look created within my home a little bit on the generic side of things. So I've decided that I need a little 'Je ne sais quoi' within my home to change it out of the status-quo and make it mine!

I've been trying to add accessories and artwork to move it out of the realm of generic and into the world of 'fabulous' but thus far it hasn't worked!

So I've decided to do some research about the history of the design-world and find out if something from our past can help me find that little bit of edge in my home.

I'm thinking a little bit of Bauhaus

Plus maybe some inspiration from famous designers like Philipe Starck

Also Michael Thonet, the original designer of flat pack furniture.. way before the time of Ikea

As well as other well known modern interior brands like Missoni Home etc. As I progress in my research I will be sure to update you on what I find and how I will interpret my findings into my home! 

Hopefully it will prove to be a fun and informative journey.

April 09, 2010

Purple Hues

For our wedding our colour palette is lots and lots of white, with touches of plum. So I really am tempted to start bringing purple into the black and white colour scheme of our home. I'm not sure yet but these are some of the images that are almost pushing me out of my black, white & silver comfort zone...

The top one is my absolute favourite! But I guess time will tell if I take the colour plunge!

April 07, 2010

Black & White

My home is decorated throughout in black and white with a little bit of grey, so when I came across these pictures on ebay the other day I thought they would be perfect in my home! 

You have to love ebay!

April 06, 2010

Clutter, Clutter Everywhere...

I am a chronic organiser, everything in my home has a place most of which is hidden from visiting eyes! My habit drives my fiance bonkers! He is often telling me not to put his stuff away, but what he doesn't realise is if I don't put away we would have visual mess everywhere! 

So I have some tips for you if you need help decluttering your home:

  • Chuck it out -If you can get it again, get rid of it.
  • Archive Regularly -If you have to keep it but it is not relevant to this month or year, then it's archival and you need to get it out of your face. You shouldn't need more than two good-quality, sealable cardboard boxes, which you can keep on top of a cupboard or in the shed.
  • Think about what you bring into your space -Open mail over the paper recycling bin. Make a decision then and there about what you need and don't let it hang around.
  • Keep your wardrobe orderly -That way, you'll get regular use of everything you own. If things are hidden, you forget about them.
  • Look after your clothes and accessories -Keep shoes in boxes so they don't get ratty. Things wear out more quickly if you don't treat them well.
  • Figure out a practical system -Keep your evening tops together, your business tops together, your jackets together... it makes mixing and matching easier.
  • Cull at the beginning of every season -Donate to charity the things you don't wear. Replace staples -such as a white singlet- before they start to yellow and look shabby.
Thank you to 'Real Living' Magazine for the advice!